LittleBlack Hairbrush | FAQs
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Does the LittleBlack Hairbrush really work?

Yes, The LittleBlack Hairbrush really works. LittleBlack Company is committed to providing our customers only the best quality products. All of our products are carefully tested and reviewed, prior to releasing, to ensure they meet our highest standards.

Will the LittleBlack Hairbrush work on my hair?

Yes, the LittleBlack Hairbrush is designed to work on all hair types. It’s variable temperature setting allows you to adjust to the temperature that works best for your hair. Below are recommended heat settings. Click here to watch 5 Tips to get the best results from your LittleBlack Hairbrush.

Thick Hair-select higher temperature 392-450? (200-220?)

Normal Hair-select moderate temperature 338-374? (170-190?)

Delicate/Fine hair- select low temperature 284-320? (140-160?)

How does the LittleBlack Hairbrush work?

The LittleBlack Hairbrush is a self heating, ceramic brush that straightens the hair simply by brushing it! It has a unique 3D surface that is substantially wider than traditional hot combs and flat irons; hence the brush styles very large sections of hair in each stroke and can shorten the straightening time by as much as ten times. When the hair runs between the bristles of the brush, the hair’s outer layer remains unharmed since it is not squeezed between two heating elements but rather it absorbs the heat while running freely between the bristles. This methodology increases the speed of straightening hair, while preventing damage and promoting healthier and silkier hair.

How long will it take to straighten my hair with the LittleBlack Hairbrush?

Straightening hair with a LittleBlack Hairbrush is quicker and easier than straightening with a hot comb or flat iron. The LittleBlack Hairbrush can take as little as 5 minutes to straighten hair. However, the length of time it takes will vary from person to person, depending on hair type, hair length, desired results and technique.

Can I use the LittleBlack Hairbrush on wet hair?

The LittleBlack Hairbrush should only be used on dry hair. Click here to watch 5 Tips to get the best results from your LittleBlack Hairbrush.

Will the LittleBlack Hairbrush damage my hair?

When used correctly, the LittleBlack Hairbrush should not damage your hair. The LittleBLack Hairbrush actually protects your hair from damage.

How does the LittleBlack Hairbrush promote healthier hair?

The LittleBlack Hairbrush’s ceramic technology provides even heating which prevents breakage and damage, seals the hair’s cuticle and locks in moisture. The result is smooth, shiny, frizz-free, healthier hair.

How often should I straighten my hair with the LittleBlack Hairbrush?

The LittleBlack Hairbrush can be used to straighten hair as often as needed. Although the LittleBlack Hairbrush is a safer than other straightening devices, it does utilize heat. For the healthiest hair, the LittleBlack Company always recommends limiting the frequency of heat applied to hair.

How do I clean/care for my LittleBlack Hairbrush?

Always turn off and unplug your LittleBlack Hairbrush, prior to cleaning.To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or disinfecting wipe.

What if I dont like it?

If you don’t absolutely love your LittleBlack Hairbrush, just return it within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.