LittleBlack Hairbrush | HOW IT WORKS
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Have you ever asked yourself “Why does it take so long to straighten my hair?” “Why does my hair feel so dry when I use a flatiron?” “Why isn’t there a simple solution to straighten my hair?” We did, and we went to work on a solution.

  • 01 IDEA

    It all started with an idea of developing a tool that would straighten your hair quickly and would be easy to use

  • 02 CONCEPT

    We recruited the best talent to share ideas on our concept

  • 03 DESIGN

    We worked with the most creative designers around the world to bring the LittleBlack Hairbrush to life (on paper)

  • 04 DEVELOP

    We partnered with a factory that specializes in hair styling products to make the LittleBlack Hairbrush a reality.

  • 05 TEST

    Many days were spent testing to insure that the LittleBlack Hairbrush would solve our problems. It did!

The LittleBlack Hairbrush makes straightening your hair quick and easy. The traditional way of doing this was to use devices like the hot comb and flat iron. Ever use the stove top version of the hot comb? It is very difficult to regulate the heat using that method plus no one wants a scorching hot flat iron near their strands (for your hair and your hand’s benefit), you sure don’t want a searing hot comb passing through your head, close to your scalp! Not only can it burn your hair, but that can also lead to hair loss. Flat irons are better, but the gains made in safety is lost with the time it takes to straighten hair. It would take me FOREVER to flat iron my hair and most of the time, I needed someone to help me to do the hard to reach areas. The LittleBlack Hairbush combines the best features of both a hot comb and flat iron to be the next everlotuion in hair styling.

The LittleBlack Hairbrush is a self heating, ceramic coated brush that straightens the hair simply by brushing it! Heating to a safe 185°C/365°F in mere seconds, this hair-flattening tool evenly distributes heat without damaging your hair in the process. The LittleBlack Hairbrush has special design features that keep the temperature constant using high quality ceramic materials. The LittleBlack Hairbrush brush consists of a unique 3D surface that is substantially wider than a traditional hot comb; hence the brush styles very large sections of hair in each stroke and can shorten the straightening time by as much as ten times. Also, when the hair runs between the teeth of the brush, the hair’s cloak remains unharmed since it is not squeezed between two heating elements but rather it absorbes the heat while running freely between the teeth. This methodology increases the speed of straightening hair while preventing damage and promoting healthier and silkier hair.

Have thick or wavy hair? No problem! The temperature on the LittleBlack Hairbrush can reach up to 230°C/450°F in about a minute. The LittleBlack Hairbrush was designed for use on a variety hair types. Our anti-scald technology will also insure that you can safely use the LittleBlack Hairbrush no matter what your temperature is set to. On top of each tooth is a silicone insulator that allows you to brush from the root while touching the scalp. The insulator protects you from the heated ceramic structure that is surrounded by plastic heat insulated bristles.

Benefits of using the LittleBlack Hairbrush

  • Saves time

    • Saves time with straightening your hair

  • Protects

    • Protects hair from damaging elements of traditional hair straightening devices

  • Prevents

    • Prevents hair frizz, hair breakage, and split ends

  • Preserves

    • Preserves hair shine and Maintains hair moisture balance


The LittleBlack Hairbrush is designed for the easiest way to straighten your hair in half the time.